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Jesse Pittman Fund, Inc.
Don't run, Charge

Jesse's Story:
Jesse Pittman was born and raised in the redwoods of northern California. As a young man, he spent two seasons as a wildland fire fighter with CAL Fire before he joined the United States Navy to become a SEAL commando. After completing his third deployment, Jesse volunteered to do another back-to-back. Jesse had a saying among his teammates, “I don’t run, I charge.” On August 6, 2011, Jesse was one of 31 American heroes lost in a helicopter crash over Afghanistan. Jesse died while living a life dedicated to service and conquering challenges. His next goal was to attend college and earn his bachelor’s degree. Now, Jesse’s wish will carry on with you.

Our Vision:
Jesse Pittman is a tough act to follow. As a Navy SEAL, he set the bar high and led by example. He believed it pays to be a winner and it’s never good enough. For America to be strong, we need to find more young people like Jesse and ensure they have opportunities to grow. Our goal is to set them on a path to keep raising the bar. Don’t run, Charge.

Mission Statement:
Jesse Pittman Fund is dedicated to finding determined young Americans who share Jesse’s spirit and continue their development by ensuring an opportunity to attend college. We select high school graduates from Mendocino County, which includes Jesse’s alma mater at Willits High School, and provide one to four year scholarships based on the student’s financial need and personal qualities that make him or her deserving of assistance. Don’t run, Charge.

Scholarship Description:
This is not your typical scholarship intended just for the one with the best grades or the best athlete. We are looking for those cut from Jesse’s cloth. Young people who demonstrate their value through grit, hard work and determination. Young people with an uncommon desire to succeed. Young people who want to answer the call to service and make a difference. Young people who seek adventure, challenge, and are not turned away by naysayers.

Our Organization:
Jesse Pittman Fund, Inc. is a licensed non-profit corporation in the state of California and a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The primary function of the fund is to raise public awareness and serve as the fundraising managers. 

Our Partners:
Two of our closest supporters include the Community Foundation of Mendocino County and the Navy SEAL Foundation. 

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County serves as the registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization that collects all donations and administers the scholarship program. For more information about the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, please visit

We are funded in part by a generous grant from the Navy SEAL Foundation, a national 501(c)(3) charitable organization serving the Naval Special Warfare community and its families since 2000. For more information about the Navy SEAL Foundation, please visit